Hydraulics Division

Hydrology, Hydraulics and Water Resources

Among the research interests of hydraulics division group are urban, surface and subsurface hydrology,  water resources and watershed planning and management, which involve analytical and numerical modeling, field studies, and laboratory experiments. Applications of the latest softwares such as SWMM, WMS and MODFLOW, are done in order to investigate, and model fundamental flow and transport processes. The emphasis is on the following subjects:

  • Storm Water Management Model: Storm water drainage system design, calculation of peak flows, determination of drainage system dimensions.
  • Low Impact Development Best Management Practices (LID BMP): calculation of decrease in flow and increase in water quality (decrease in pollutant concentration), mathematical and experimental modeling of bioretention, infiltration trench, vegetative swale.
  • Floodplain Modeling: Flooding extent, flooding depth, flood frequency curves, protection bands.
  • Watershed Modeling: Data collection, rainfall-runoff analysis, calibration and verification, overland flow, surface runoff and channel flow calculations under different rainfall events, flow predictions.
  • Open channel hydraulics: flow routing, analytical solutions and finite difference methods for kinematic, diffusion and dynamic waves.
  • Wetland Modeling: Wetland hydrology, hydrologic and water quality models.
  • Ground Water Modeling: Ground water level distribution, hydrodynamic model of ground water flow, ground water resources management.
  • Contaminant Transport Models: Distribution of point and nonpoint sources, washoff mechanism of pollutants which are buildup on watershed during dry days.
  • Surface Water/Ground Water Interactions: Water and contaminant flux between surface and ground in streams, lakes and wetlands, development of analytical and numerical models.
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