Strategic Plan


“Istanbul University Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement Council” (IUADEK) has been founded by university senate on 15.12.2015 considering the principle of “Higher Education Institutions Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement Regulation”. IUADEK set its first meeting on March 8, 2006. In following, Istanbul University Strategic Planning Council (IUSPK) has been founded according to YODEK guide and due to will of rectorate, “Unit Planning Representative” and “Unit Planning Commission Members” of our faculty have been assigned.

Strategic planning of our faculty began on September 26-27, 2006 in the training workshop of university. After this date, Faculty Strategic Planning Commission carried on its work during weekly meetings. SWOT analysis of our units was performed on October 18, 2006. By evaluating the results of analysis in weekly meetings; aims, goals, strategies and necessary activities were determined. Following that, 5- year (2007-2011) “Strategic Plan” of our Faculty was composed on December 22, 2006.

You can find strategic plans of our departments enlisted below. Documents are in Adobe PDF file format.


Faculty of Engineering
Strategic Plans of Our Departments
Computer Engineering Environmental Engineering
Maritime Transportation Management Engineering  Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Industrial Engineering Civil Engineering
Geological Engineering Geophysics Engineering
Chemistry Department Chemical Engineering
Mining Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering