According to instructions (05.04.2011) of T.C. Social Security Institution, internship students have to fill and submit the necessary forms enlisted below to secretaries of their departments at least 45 days (if internship is done in summer term) or 20 days (if internship is done in semester term) right before starting internship in order to get insured for any possible labor accident/disease due to act 3308.

 –         Mandatory Internship Form (2 copies, with picture, original)

 –         Declaration and Commitment Form for Health Assistance (1 copy)

 –         Photocopies of Citizenship Identity Card and Student Identity Card (1 for each)

Note: Mandatory Internship Scoring Table should be filled for each internship month individually and get delivered to student affairs bureau in first 10 days of the following month (For instance, a student who is making internship between June 20 and August 15 should deliver the scoring table of June in first 10 days of July; the scoring table of July in first 10 days of August; and the scoring table of August in 10 days right after the internship ends. All of the scoring tables have to be approved by the institution where the internship was held).

If requested, Manifesto of Admission to Labor with Insurance, can be obtained from student affairs bureau 10 days before beginning of internship. Requests regarding to obtaining any document from the bureau via fax, cargo, post or e-mail will certainly be denied.

Internship Instructions for Faculty of Engineering
Declaration and Commitment Form for Health Assistance
Mandatory Internship Form
Internship Registration Form
Mandatory Internship Scoring Table